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PHP Validation & Sanitization

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Validation and sanitization are extremely important topics, any developer should be aware of. Especially with powerful, modern frameworks, people seem to forget about the underlying concepts and wrongly assume it’s already solved somehow. Correctly used and early on integrated, both play the central role in defending against attacks on your application*.

This article illustrates the underlying need, explaining why you should care. Then a general discussion about techniques and approaches resulting in concrete implementations of three different frameworks. At last, a weekend project of mine is shortly introduced.

A New Blog

It’s about time I get myself a new blog. I intended this for .. well, at least half a year .. but I always put it off for something more urgent.

Finally, here it is.

Thankfully, i dropped Wordpress this time for good and am now proud user of Jekyll. If you haven’t heard of it: In short, it’s a static page generator based on ruby. You write your pages (blog entries) locally, generate (also locally) static HTML pages out of them and upload the static result to your webserver. In the beginning, it’ll take some time configuring and collecting/writing plugins you feel to need .. which just can be fast-skipped using Octopress, which is Jekyll + a set of great plugins and a bit more.

Of course, Jekyll is not the only static page generator, there are a lot more. However Jekyll is the most wide spread - so if you run into problems, the change someone solved them already is quite good.

In this new blog, i try to concentrate more on PHP development and less on server stuff - we’ll see.

The contents of the old blog are still available here - all links should still be unbroken.